14 April 2009

The Virginia State Flag

State flags, perhaps, should have more meaning as so many across our Republic rise up in support of our long forgotten tenth Amendment. Recently I spent some time in Virginia. Upon taking a tour of the Capitol, I saw the Virginia state flag. I asked the guide what the latin ment, "Sic Semper Tyrannis". Tyrannis obviously tyranny. Semper obviously Always. Sic I came to find out means "Thus".

"Thus Always to Tyrants" is written along the bottom as Lady Virtue stands over the body of King George, whose crown is tossed to the side. Oh that we could be so bold!

As Franken's people disenfranchise our Men (Men, as in men and women. Mankind) in the military by trying to make their votes in the last election not count. As our brave Men suffer and toil to ensure the continuance of Free Peoples throughout the world. As Men throughout our Republic band together to stand up against the evil that is moving. As fools and wicked men move to corrupt freedom. As perverts move to change the meaning of marriage. As weak men move to steal from achievers via the police power of government.

"Thus Always to Tryants."

07 April 2009

Just look at this picture and think about it.

This is my aunt and her grandchild. The statues are sitting outside of the Capitol Building in Richmond, Va. The little angel is sitting on the word finance.

What better to represent how our nation, and our children are being sold out for a bad fix?

If you click on the picture it should open to a larger, clearer version.