14 April 2009

The Virginia State Flag

State flags, perhaps, should have more meaning as so many across our Republic rise up in support of our long forgotten tenth Amendment. Recently I spent some time in Virginia. Upon taking a tour of the Capitol, I saw the Virginia state flag. I asked the guide what the latin ment, "Sic Semper Tyrannis". Tyrannis obviously tyranny. Semper obviously Always. Sic I came to find out means "Thus".

"Thus Always to Tyrants" is written along the bottom as Lady Virtue stands over the body of King George, whose crown is tossed to the side. Oh that we could be so bold!

As Franken's people disenfranchise our Men (Men, as in men and women. Mankind) in the military by trying to make their votes in the last election not count. As our brave Men suffer and toil to ensure the continuance of Free Peoples throughout the world. As Men throughout our Republic band together to stand up against the evil that is moving. As fools and wicked men move to corrupt freedom. As perverts move to change the meaning of marriage. As weak men move to steal from achievers via the police power of government.

"Thus Always to Tryants."

07 April 2009

Just look at this picture and think about it.

This is my aunt and her grandchild. The statues are sitting outside of the Capitol Building in Richmond, Va. The little angel is sitting on the word finance.

What better to represent how our nation, and our children are being sold out for a bad fix?

If you click on the picture it should open to a larger, clearer version.

18 March 2009

The Blessing of Barack Obama

I believe that everything that happens in the world is guided by God for the working together of His glory. So I must be consistent. The election of Barack Obama must be a great blessing.

God is glorified when His righteousness shines against wickedness. What is right shines when set against what is wrong. Never in the short history of my life have I seen Americans begin to rise up as they are now. It seems like I was born into a sleeping country. Our great nation has risen to the great challenges that have faced it. The threat of the Third Reich. Imperial Japan. The Tyranny of Monarch Britain. The aid of dozens of other free nations.

We've made mistakes. Allowing the War on Freedom and Decency wrought by amoral and foolish men and movements to persist. We have follied in becoming arrogant in believing our freedom could be sustained without our vigilance. We, in the name of tolerance, have allow the wicked to dictate what our inalienable rights our. We have allowed our Constitution to become defaced and spat upon by law after law that violated the legal course of our branches of Government.

This is why I am pointing everyone who cares about the future of our nation to the following site.

The 9-12 Project

I believe it is our duty to no longer remain quiet while our nation is corrupted by foolishness, depravity, and irresponsibility.

Please go to the site Meetup/WeSurroundThem. and find those in your area who are standing up.

I pray Wisdom, Justice, and Kindness would be your gift from Heaven. Peace.

15 January 2009

What Kind of Man Are You?

I am currently reading through Thomas Paine's Common Sense. It is my hope to read the plethora of material written by our Founding Fathers. I am collecting reliable copies that I hope to understand thoroughly.

While traversing the pages of Common Sense I ran across the upcoming quote. To put it into context, the section of the book is discussing whether or not there could have been reconciliation with Britain. The conclusion given was in the negative. It was established that the government of Britain could not properly govern, nor was it in their interest to properly govern. The toll of taxes being taken out of America was more than could be tolerated.

The obviousness of the lack of Justice in the rule of Britain over the Colonies struck at the heart of those who loved Justice. Despite this, not every American wished for self-government. The following is a simple list of the traits of the men who wish for reconciliation. I wish to parallel this list to those who wish to re-form our Republic into something more European;

"Though I would carefully avoid giving unnecessary offense, yet I am inclined to believe, that all those who espouse the doctrine of reconciliation, may be included within the following descriptions. Interested men, who are not to be trusted; weak men, who cannot see; prejudiced men, who will not see; and a certain set of moderate men, who think it better of the European world than it deserves; and this last class, by an ill-judged deliberation, will be the cause of more calamities to this continent, than all the other three." Common Sense Thomas Paine

Interested Men
. Not to be trusted. Could these not be people who have learned to suck on the public teet? Could these not be those who have a vested interest in the government spending money in a certain way as to profit that individual or a group they either represent or are a part of?

If we are to move into the future preoccupied with our current wealth, while forgetting the need for a firm foundation for the future, then we are all interested men.

These kind of men could best be illustrated in current trends of business. A certain CEO may take certain steps to make the appearance of profits shoot up at record rates. His pockets and golden parachute get lined. The natural and systemic result of this is the lack of foundation for future solvency.

People are doing this, as I write, to our Republic. Instead of securing the freedom and security of this country, people are wanting to shove money at social problems that ought to find resolution in the virtue and charity and resolve of the people, not the foolish reallocation of wealth from one segment of society to the other.

Weak Men.
They cannot see. There are people who think the current path this nation is on is wonderful. The strides being made away from the environment that encourages personal development to one that encourages perversity and sloth and slovenly attitudes are most disturbing. Some lack the fortitude to see not only where we are going, but where we are coming from. They lack the strength and will to endure hard times now in order to set an even firmer foundation for the future. These men have the inability to reason from any foundation.

These men could be illustrated by a man who wants a relationship with a woman who is clearly not good for him. She doesn't pay her bills. She is emotionally unstable. She is gluttonous, prideful, slothful, and selfish at every turn. But he wants love and is willing to sacrifice his own future just to have someone who says they love him.

Prejudiced Men.
They will not see. These men have already decided that their knowledge and wisdom and preference ought to dictate the future of the Republic. Though they can reason, they only do so from faulty foundations. The future is forsaken for the now. The desire to offend none has forced them to offend the stability of the future and the past. They have the mind to see Reason, but their heart blinds them to it.

This trait of prejudiced-ness can be seen in demagogues. If someone is finding solace in being an adherent to a class of ideas they can give neither a reason nor a defense for, they have already ceased their struggle for betterment. It can be seen in a wife who is beat daily but find comfort in that her husband loves her enough to beat her. She want more than anything to find her identity and moral code in the marriage that she doesn't care if it kills her. No other foundation or form of rationality can convince her that the relationship is bad because it is all-important to defend that marriage.

Moderate Men. The cause of the most calamity. Seeking to get along at all costs, though their Foundation may be firm, and their Reason consistent, their hearts mirror the Prejudiced Man. They are capable of seeing and even acknowledging the way things should be, but they lack the Virtue to seek out these things.

I am surrounded by moderate men. Honestly, I feel bound to respect the others more than Moderate Men. Peace at any cost is not a philosophy that has served any nation. The fear of offending another person, another group of people, or another nation is noble at its core, but rotten when it overruns other virtues. When moderation takes over Justice and Charity it is the most rotten of options.

Moderate men worship nothing more than their peace with others. They are cowardly and think so little of Truth that their only truth is how they relate to others. They hold onto vapor and claim it as the ultimate paradigm.

Let us neither be weak nor prejudice nor interested nor moderate. Let us be strong in striving for what is best not only for us, but for posterity. Let us be discerning of all proposals and notions by Wisdom and by Reason. Let us not be beholden to inclinations that strip us of Reason and Foundation; neither confusing inclination with Foundation, nor Reason with the burden of emotional preference.
Let us be brave, not willing to steal from the future. Not willing remove the blindfold from Justice. Not willing to remove from our own hearts the determination to be better people seeking a better world, not by tyrannical government but by the challenging of ourselves by Truth through Reason and consistency.

03 January 2009


"We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government"

Governments, our government, is instituted to preserve these rights. That is a foundation of the frame of our government. It seems so simple, and almost impossible to screw up. I look at the apathy of the people of our country, so willing to sell our freedom for a false security, and I mourn. I look at the current course our leaders are leading us down and I am angered. Slowly but surely anger is winning out over the mourning process. How long, O America, can we continue to betray the blood of our forefathers and the wisdom of ages?

How hard is it, truly, to stand by this principle and see that this single precept ought to bind the consciences of our elected and appointed officials? How foolish can we be to follow so blindly someone because they sound good or tell us they will give us what we want.

Let us want Freedom!
Let us want Virtue!
Let us demand Justice and a hard return to our Republic!