18 March 2009

The Blessing of Barack Obama

I believe that everything that happens in the world is guided by God for the working together of His glory. So I must be consistent. The election of Barack Obama must be a great blessing.

God is glorified when His righteousness shines against wickedness. What is right shines when set against what is wrong. Never in the short history of my life have I seen Americans begin to rise up as they are now. It seems like I was born into a sleeping country. Our great nation has risen to the great challenges that have faced it. The threat of the Third Reich. Imperial Japan. The Tyranny of Monarch Britain. The aid of dozens of other free nations.

We've made mistakes. Allowing the War on Freedom and Decency wrought by amoral and foolish men and movements to persist. We have follied in becoming arrogant in believing our freedom could be sustained without our vigilance. We, in the name of tolerance, have allow the wicked to dictate what our inalienable rights our. We have allowed our Constitution to become defaced and spat upon by law after law that violated the legal course of our branches of Government.

This is why I am pointing everyone who cares about the future of our nation to the following site.

The 9-12 Project

I believe it is our duty to no longer remain quiet while our nation is corrupted by foolishness, depravity, and irresponsibility.

Please go to the site Meetup/WeSurroundThem. and find those in your area who are standing up.

I pray Wisdom, Justice, and Kindness would be your gift from Heaven. Peace.

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