02 August 2008

I Stopped Reading My Bible; Simplicity Two

WISRMB Pt 1 Simplicity 2

Simplicity, Part Two

Have you ever looked at the simplicity of what God lays out in His word. All scripture hangs on what? It hangs on loving God with all of our heart mind and strength. Secondly, loving our neighbors. How complicated is that? So much has been vomited into the consciousness of people by well intentioned, and amazing ill-perceiving, psychoanalysts that it is any wonder people do not go around constantly thinking only of making themselves happy and fulfilling the 'needs' ignorant thinkers conceived.

Consider the ten commandments. It begins with not taking the name of the LORD (I AM) in vain. Almost anything in life can be taken in vain. People laugh at abuse, or divorce, or murder, or anything. These things can be a therapeutic tool in accepting reality. But God sets our identification of Him as separate from these things. It is common today for people to assume free entrance into God's presence because of grace. This is the proper perspective, that entrance into God's presence is gained by grace. The proper approach to God's throne is never in pride. Making light of a tragedy is a persons way of rising above a situation. On par with that, making light of God is raising one self above the Almighty. So careful should the tongue of the believer.

Keeping even just this small meditation in mind throughout the day would be enough to make a man be careful in all of his steps. We riddle ourselves with complex studies of types and pictures of spiritual truths when we have not spent time contemplating on the holiness of God and the humility it breeds. So quick to make outlines and catchy phrases that we often miss the remarkably simple and profound truth unraveled in pondering on these brief declarations of God.

Of course this is not to say that we ought never to endeavor to know more of the bible. This is not to say that we ought to check out minds at the door of Christianity. Quite the contrary. So many Christians are unable to answer because the foundation of their faith is a scattering of dogmatic ideas handed to them by, often well meaning, preacher or teachers. Far too few Christians sit down at the throne of God and ask the simple question, "Lord, how can I never take your name in with worthlessness?"

Perhaps there is a need to set the bible down. Perhaps there is a need to set it down and turn to the God who is supposed to be the greatest interpreter of that book. Perhaps it is time, and not by a somber public declaration, to ask God what He means by what He says. Perhaps it is time for the believer to seek more of God's face and less of the dust of those who have seen Him. For if one does believe that God is present. If one does believe that God is all powerful. If one does believe that God is both just and good, then the only natural progression is towards the hard road of sanctification. While sanctification is God's doing alone, it is our contrite and broken heart that can allow God to bring us through more trials and refine us even further with harsher fires and come out with a more pure faith.

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