27 August 2008


LIfe in general.

Working in a brick factory is hard. My hands feel like someone implanted steel rods along each joint, trying to keep me from closing my hands. I'm working ten hour evenings until the weekend. 230-1230. But, I get a three day weekend.

It sure seems like God is opening two separate paths for me. The one is, I believe where my heart would be the most prone to following. To be a peacemaker. Probably spend the nest three months getting into shape. Join the army. Work on my Russian and maybe German. Get a degree in Psychology and maybe International Relations. It'd be one hell of a hard and harsh road. The second is what seems to be opening is business. It would be relatively easy to take my credits and take business classes and get a degree relatively easily. Within a year or two I could be using my word-craft to work on contracts or some such thing. I'm certain I could get a well paying job at the latter. The first is likely to be hard. I could likely be taking the martial arts classes I want within two years (Japanese Sword Training) with the later. The first would likely put such a thing on hold. I don't know what God wants of me.

I starting reading the Forgotten Trinity by Dr. James R. White. Awesome book. He states at the beginning of the book that it is not necessarily gauged as a apologetic book, though it does in one way or another serve that purpose. He states that his desire is to show people the love he has for the Trinity and to share that passion with those who wish to love God for who He is, not the way we would have him be. It's an amazing book so far. He begins by exploring the fact that God is otherly, or Holy. He proceeds in an exegesis of the prologue of John. Amazing.

My mother is nuts and my dad's getting old. Both make me sad.

I was hoping to get to Fl this weekend. That's not going to happen. That sucks.I miss my friends. And my books.

Sigh. Shall I surrender? Shall I live? Where, oh where, is my heart? Where, oh where, is my Father calling me?

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