12 August 2008

My Dilemme

So, my heart is full of the dilemma-ness. First, my path in life. Without question I am where God has placed me, a thousand miles north of most of the people I love. That's fine. But it feels like I am being tested in a way that really makes me question whether the path I feel called to is what God really wants for me, or if it is just me wanting to do what I want to do.

I moved home because I never properly honored my father. He is definitely trying to convince me to take classes on electric or something practical. I feel like if I start going down that path is will take me farther away from the path I think I'm supposed to be going down. So I am torn between obeying God in honoring my father, and pursuing something I'm not sure if it is God's will or not.


The second dilemma. Martial arts training. There's a school about 15 minutes from my house. That's great. The problem is that the way they go about reacting to a situation of physical confrontation is completely different from the year of Shotokan training I have. I love Shototkan. The feel fits me. This new school is more of a mish-mash of a few different styles. So the question is do I travel twice as far to find a good Shotokan school, or go to this place? This place is good. The teacher seems really well trained and knows what he is doing. In addition to this, my heart is on learning the Japanese sword. All of those classes are an hour away. So much frustration.

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Anonymous said...

Ah My friend, How I wish the substance of my supplication were materialized! It would amount to a hilarious blog in and of itself if I were to verbalize it. In my opinion bro, I think for you there is no substitute for a good Shotokan dojo. If you went to Belleview with Dave then the hour would only be stretchin a bit more than you have in the past. Granted Belleview is only 15 mins away but come on this is Josh logic. You know what I mean. What would the Silver Sensei say?
Touching the original dilemma, we both know that anything can happen and nothing is for certain until it's for certain. Plus on the bright side takin a course in elec to make better money could pay the way for the other classes. either way if you plan to do anything more than 2 classes plus a full time job and martial arts, your gonna be burnin the candle at both ends for a while. You could always use my "Opt out" plan... Take out student loans, go 12 creds during the day do shotokan at night and ditch the full time job. you'll be in debt but student loans are often viewed as the only good debt there is. But anyway. I am fully confident that you've probably considered all these things already so I'm just gonna say "Stabilise the frackin pencils Dangit"