11 September 2008

On Sifting

I have sifted through wheat and chaff; the origin, consistency, and fruit of ideas philosophies and notions. All that is good come from, or is found in its full form, in the spirituality of Christian Scripture.

It is not carnal, though its implications and applications stretch down into the material world and give rhythm and purpose, flavor and substance, to the stream life is embodied in.

It is not psychic, though its form and its power arrange in harmony with rationality and logic: emotion, fulfillment in and through meaning-purpose, intellectual stimulation. It provides both immovable foundation and dynamic spark; that which cycles life in all living things. Philosophic first cause is revealed. Logic finds its foothold free of shifting and humanistic presupposition so prone to the ebb and flow of its nature.

It is more than transcendent. It binds personal and unknowable, just as quantum theory and classic physics combine chaos and order by unknown means.

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