12 November 2008

My topknot is a cross

Watch this video and think about what it must have been like for this young samurai to have his topknot cut off by those in 'authority'.

The topknot was the symbol of the life willing to meet death in the name of the good of its fellow countrymen. While undoubtedly pride found its way into many a heart, there is a sort of raping that occurs here.

Watch the video, then read below.

There has been a raping of that which has not only held our nation (The United States of America) together, but moreso what has made it great.

In the name of tolerance and respectfulness, those who have lived to preserve this great nation, and those who have died, have sat by while the enemies rose from within.

Now those who support what is wicked in this world have lifted up those who embody the white washed image of socialism, and the enable-ment and exaltation of all that is wicked.

Here is the modern day equivalent of that top knot being cut off.

My hope being that those who would seek both for America to be great, and to be good would be inspired. I pray the end of the goodness and the greatness of this nation (bought in the Providence of the Almighty, and the blood of many patriots) would not come as we continue on in blindness. But that in much prayer we would seek the blessings of the unique combination of freedom and goodness affords.

Also, this should inspire us to not only honesty, kindness, and justice, but firmness in resolve to restore to this people the Republic once given us by men the likes the world has sparsely seen this century.

P.S. Another situation.

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