30 November 2008

Dear American Public Part One

Dear American Public,

I come to you as a child of this great nation. My ancestors plowed the fields of Western Pennsylvania. They forged with much toil and sweat the steel that has build this country’s infrastructure. They have fought on foreign lands to preserve freedom and what is good. They have worked sun up and sun down to provide for their families. I am a Son of the American Revolution the revolution that gave birth to the greatest nation to ever grace the face of this earth.

Never has any nation in the history of the world done more for its own people. And not that it has done so by fiat of some bureaucrat, or the elected official seeking all that tempts men (glory, power, and indulgence), but by a mind set arising out of Christian charity (love that gives not to curry favor with the divine, or seek some cosmic karmic balance). Never has a nation fought as fervently to afford the peoples of other nations the same freedoms to embrace good or pursue their own paths. Our patriots have bled not for the sake only of their families, which itself is nobility of the highest order, but also for the families of the world. Never has any country generated such wealth and power and not used it solely for personal security and gain.

All of the most virtuous people and warriors of history can be summed up and embodied in what this nation was founded on and thrived on for over two centuries. The willingness of the warriors of ancient Sparta to find power in their death for family and country. The dedication and resolve to die for what is necessary of the samurai of Japan has been spelled out in the blood of the greatest generation on the shores of Europe. The best of the world’s warriors throughout history is seen most clear in those who fight even as I write this letter to you.

More than mere notion, the Founding Fathers fought and wrestled with ideas that would form the everyday lives of their descendants. They did not conceive to establish their bloodlines as the nation’s aristocracy. In highest form, they established a government of rules that are not to be moved lightly. They established a form of government that favored only those who were willing to sweat and to grow in mind and character. They did not do so calloused, thinking more highly of themselves than ought to have. Instead, they surveyed what they were seeking deliverance from. They consulted the wisdom of the ages. The conviction of ancient Israel that there should be a place where righteous people could find haven in a lawful land founded the bedrock of the house they were to build. The idealizations of Plato guided them to a Republic. The errors and corruptions of European feudalism tempered where power would lay. The intolerance of selfish men guided them to a freedom of religion for people. Reason itself taught them to not gravitate towards a confusion of rights, but of basic rights endowed by our Creator.

So in Reason and Charity and Blood we have been blessed in order to bless the world. It is light of a love of this reality that I now wish to bring shame upon the hearts of Americans who would forget this past. Those who would see the placenta left of the old world upon the growing body of American Nobility as a reason to discount that same nobility are ignorant and fools. They see bark on a tree and assume it un-nutritious while not seeing the ripe fruit that hangs before their noses. They see the worms eating of the fruit and assume the parasite must be born out of the substance of the tree itself. In utter foolishness they attempt to cut down the tree.

Any with a foundation from which Reason can accomplish anything other than the fulfillment of selfish desire can see basic truths. Stealing is wrong. Life is precious. Lest chaos reign and all freedom fall to the waste side, a certain form of government is necessary. Anarchists cannot see the wickedness of all mankind, but only of all those who would impede their desires.

At the current time the Children of Marx rise even while the violent Children of Mohammed ravage. This is a time when those who love the heritage of this nation, and even for those who love what is good, to rise out of their slumber allowed for a brief time by the blood of their Patriots. Anger is not sin when it is righteous. Let us rise up in righteous anger. Let us no longer see the world as it ought to be, but let us act as if the world could be the way it ought to be, importantly in the consistence of that, in order to show it what it could be. Marx communicates that it is acceptable to steal from one man and give to another if it is under the auspices of a benevolent government. Our Founding Fathers say that it is not acceptable, but that if government is maintaining justice then it is in face Just. This in that no man who is depriving another man of his property through theft or fraud ought to be able to stand in a Court of Law. Every social program that rises out of a stealing government is wealth redistribution on account of fraud. At bottom, a communist nation is not stealing using fraud, but out-right thievery. Those who would steal using the policing power of the government to acquire power are worse than Marx himself, in that they are lying either in maliciousness or ignorance as to the beginnings and ends of their intent. Marx is a reaction to an evil in the world. But because Marx has no solid foundation, he arrives where he justifies removing one evil with another evil. Thievery for thievery. And just as the anarchists, it is a matter of removing one wickedness that impedes its own wickedness. This is the Enemy that is ravaging the greatness once wrought; the Children of Marx have begun their spoil of the Children of the American Revolution.

Those who arise in ignorance on the wrong side are what historic Marxist leaders call “Useful Idiots”. The greatest of the Sons of the American Revolution sought not to enlist the help of the ignorant, but enlisted the help of Reason and Education in order to rally those who would support the perpetuation of their cause. Those with a consistent Foundation and a persistent Reason find themselves arriving in support of this Great Heritage. If one is to resign himself to demagoguery and platitudes then it is best that he not partake in the course of human events, but rather relegate himself to attempting to establish a personal course that will lead to the benefit of those he loves. Dupes who would be stirred by melodic petitions of foolish leaders ought to find the virtue of ears that do not hear things that call on selfish desire.

Concurrently, those who would seek appeasement of the violent Children of Mohammed ought to seek wisdom in the annals of history. Those who are compelled by reason which rests upon unstable or twisted foundations can never be reasoned with. Reserving whether or not it was the intent of Mohammed to establish a violent religion, or if it is consistent with that religion, to another discussion, it is important to focus more on the problem which is before us. Those who would use violent means to establish their invasion of another sovereign nation ought to never be tolerated. It is the right of a nation to secure its borders and its laws. It is the duty of a nation to secure its people and its laws. It is the moral obligation, if within its capacity, of one nation who has a fellowship with another nation to come to the aid of those who would be under attack by an enemy group.

The people of the world have been pillaged and violated by the violent Children of Mohammed. Those who would harbor these violent children find themselves in a difficult position; of this there is no doubt. Nevertheless, those who harbor find themselves in the path of Justice. Justice, being blind, cannot see those who willingly place themselves in the path of Justice’s wrath. While prudence must always balance Justice’s hand, discernment cannot be confused with indecision. We cannot be indecisive as the Children. There is a time of sober debate, and there is a time for the execution of the decision. We cannot aid those who willingly give into the violence of the Children of Mohammed. We cannot stay our hand at the aid of those who would resist this violence.

Part Two coming soon.


Steve said...

Three Words

With LIFE the Founders settled first,
For losing it is but the worst
Of fates befalling anyone
Who must depart, the work undone.

LIBERTY was next to bear
The hope that oft must come of war,
True beauty seldom blooms in strife,
But Freedom walks in step with life.

The living free enjoy the fruit
Of HAPPINESS, whose sweet pursuit
Is sweet because the Founders knew
It is not free; it has its due.

When scratching quill and lasting ink
Combined as prose, one scarce would think
Three words of grievance to a king
Would serve to alter everything.

- Poem by Steven C. Myers, CAPT, USN (Ret.)2008 in Bedford, PA

AJ said...

Not sure I agree with your take on Karl Marx. I think he made a really good point - that the owners of the means of production earn a profit by exploiting the value of the labor their employees provide. They pay their employee less than the price they will sell the product for.

Now, certainly you can take this too far. The owner can't pay the employee the naive version of a fair wage because said owner would make no money.

Conversely, you can take capitalism too far as well. For instance, golden parachutes are outright theft. There's also a lot of funny business with pensions, something I know about because my own mother's pension got pilfered by the CEO of her company. Within the last decade or so, average CEO compensation versus average worker compensation has skyrocketed, while the comparable European ratio has remained steady.

In the end, I believe that if you tell me that some entity is always wrong ("Marx is bad"), then I'll believe you're trying to push an agenda. An optimal system should ideally include the best elements of capitalism and the best elements of socialism. The question is how to balance those, and the answer is not "full tilt to capitalism."

BindingSubstance said...

Amen to what Steve said